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General Driving Tips for Winter

Even if you’re an experienced Minnesota winter driver, it’s never a bad idea to do a quick refresher on some basics of winter driving. Here’s a few tips we put together to help: Always try to have your car warm up before taking off for your destination. Giving your...

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Your Car Battery in Winter

Freezing temps take a toll on your car, and that includes the battery. It takes a little more power to start it up in the winter, which can be detrimental if your battery is lacking. Most of the time, you should get its voltage checked out once the temps start to drop...

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Clutch Repair

Just like brakes, it’s easy for drivers to tell when the clutch is wearing out and needing a replacement. A worn out, or wearing out, clutch can be harder to handle. You might notice that the pedals seem to ‘stick’ more, and that pushing the clutch in requires more...

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Tires II

Sometimes tires don’t get the time and consideration they deserve. We just buy them and count on them to serve us for a certain amount of miles. They deserve a lot more of our respect though; tries are one of the vehicle’s most important safety features and everything...

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