Car vibration can be a frustrating and concerning issue for any driver. To understand the cause, it comes down to where the vibrations are taking place. If the vibrations are in the steering wheel, it could be a different issue than if the shaking is throughout the entire car. Let’s go over some of the most common causes of car vibrations:  

Snow buildup  

Slush and snow buildup can cause your wheels to become unbalanced and cause shaking. After a snowstorm, if you notice vibrations in your vehicle, get out and clean your wheel wells. It’s important to note if left for too long, it can cause more serious issues that will be harder and more expensive to fix.   

Brake issues  

Pulsation while braking can be caused by warped rotors due to heat from hard stops. If you feel a pulsation while braking, a professional must check your brakes out as soon as possible to prevent further damage or a collision.   

Wheel alignment 

Incorrect wheel alignment can cause the car to pull towards one side and create uneven tire wear. It can happen due to the suspension components being bent, worn, or damaged. A wheel alignment can help fix this issue.  


Worn or damaged tires can cause uneven wear, which can lead to vibration when you’re driving. Make sure to check your tires for wear and damage and replace them as needed.  

Unbalanced or out-of-round tires can also cause a vibration when you’re driving, especially at higher speeds. An imbalance of the tire and wheel assembly usually causes this.  

Engine issues  

Engine problems such as misfires can cause vibration throughout the car. It can be caused by various issues, such as dirty air filters, faulty spark plugs, or a failing fuel injector. 


By identifying the cause of the vibration, you can take the appropriate measures to fix the problem and ensure your car runs smoothly. If the vibration persists or you’re unsure of the cause, it’s best to take the vehicle to a professional mechanic for a diagnosis. 

If you are experiencing vibrations/shaking in your car while driving, stop by Superior Service Center! We will figure out the root of the problem and fix it. We have two convenient locations in Eagan and Apple Valley. Visit our website to fill out an appointment request, and we will get your car to stop shaking in no time!