Give to the Max Day is Minnesota’s annual day of giving, and it’s only a few weeks away! Every year we’re able to celebrate Minnesota’s many nonprofits and schools by encouraging a focused day to give back. Millions are raised every day. Last year, GiveMN raised an amazing $34 million for over 6,000 organizations. If you’re an organization that wishes to participate, you can create an account for others to donate to your cause. 

As a business that knows the value of investing in the community, we proudly donate and support many nonprofits through the year. If you can, please donate to these amazing organizations! 

Jack’s Basket 

They celebrate babies with Down syndrome by supporting medical providers, parents, and education efforts around the condition. When partnering with medical providers, they engage, equip, and empower providers with the tools they need to properly support their patients as they navigate this diagnosis. For new parents, they offer resources through their basket delivery program.  

Gigi’s Playhouse 

A network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers, this organization provides life-changing, free training programs for individuals of all ages. They focus on therapeutic-, educational-, and career-based courses for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Their mission is to maximize opportunities for daily achievement and lasting acceptance. 

Kids ‘n Kinship 

This organization provides mentoring to children and youth who are in need of a positive, supportive relationship with an adult. Volunteer mentors will participate in community activities, build mentorship by getting to know the kids, and create bonds that will hopefully last beyond the program. All in all, it helps support the next generation. 


This nonprofit supports seniors in the community by helping them lead more independent and fulfilling lives. Volunteers help out with tasks like housework, outdoor chores, home repair, caregiving resources, and so much more. They are local to the Dakota County area and have been a staple of the community since 1974. 

If you have the means to give back, we highly recommend donating to these amazing organizations! Superior Service Center proudly supports many local causes, schools, and teaching programs. We’re only as strong as our community.