While Minnesota springs are often unpredictable, there is a higher chance of flooding as we enter into the rainy season. To stay safe on the roads, we’ve put together some tips to help make sure you and your vehicle are prepared.

Before rainy season, it’s important to check off a few maintenance items.

  • Replace your windshield wipers if they’ve been streaking or skipping across the glass.
  • Check that your tire pressure is adequate and use the penny test on the tire tread to make sure there’s enough.
  • Have an emergency kit ready to go with water, nonperishable food, a phone charger, and a blanket.

If you come across a road with standing water…

  • Even half an inch of water on a road can cause your car to hydroplane. If you can’t properly gauge the depth of the flooded road, then the best plan is to find an alternate route.
  • If you are proceeding on a watery road, drive slowly to avoid losing control, but keep moving so you avoid the engine accidentally flooding.
  • Increase your following distance so you have enough time to brake and avoid hydroplaning. If possible, try to take turns passing through the flooded area. Two opposing lanes will cause water to splash onto passing vehicles and be potentially dangerous for smaller vehicles–especially if a semi-truck is passing through.
  • Drive down the center of the road since the water tends to be the shallowest there.
  • If you can see that the water is moving or has a current, then you should avoid it at all costs. Moving water makes it even harder for your tires to get traction and that could also mean the water level is rising as the flood water continues through the area. Even if you start out in shallow water, that could change quickly.

If your car stalls on a watery road…

  • Get out of the car and get to higher ground. If the water is high enough to flood the engine, it could also sweep away the vehicle and anyone in it since flood waters are so unpredictable.
  • Grab your emergency kit if you can get to it safely. That should have everything you need as you attempt to contact rescue services.

If you’re in the Southern Twin Cities, our experts would be happy to help if you need to check off some of those maintenance items. Superior Service Center has a location in Eagan, MN and Apple Valley, MN.