While the complex mechanics of a vehicle can be confusing to a lot of people, manufacturers have tried to simplify it over the years for the benefit of drivers and mechanics alike. Now, it’s a little easier to identify when something has gone wrong—as long as you know the basics of your car’s dashboard. When you have a moment, take out your owner’s manual to go over the lights on your dashboard. You don’t have to remember them all since you should always have the manual in the car for reference, but it’s important to know some common ones to look out for. You should also be aware of what the different colors mean; red means it requires immediate attention, orange/yellow means it’s an advisory issue that should be inspected soon, and green/blue means it’s a confirmation of a function working.

In terms of symbols you should know, we listed some key ones to remember:

Oil Pressure Light

Engine oil helps avoid damaging wear and tear on your engine, and it can really take a beating if the oil isn’t working properly. When this comes on, it means your oil is getting too low or it’s not circulating through the engine properly.

Engine Temperature Light

You might already be feeling a little bit of the heat before this pops up, but this indicates that your engine is overheated. You should pull over immediately to let your engine cool down and call a service company. Continuing to drive could kill your engine or, in worst case scenarios, cause it to catch fire.

Check Engine Light

While the color indicates it’s not as pressing as the above examples, it’s still important to get your vehicle checked out if this comes on—especially if it’s blinking. When a solid light comes on, that means it could be an issue like a loose gas cap or the car’s emissions. If the light is blinking, then it’s indicating a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Battery Alert Light

This light indicates there’s an issue with your car’s battery and it’s not charging correctly. It could also mean that you have a loose/damaged cable or even build-up around the battery that’s preventing it from working efficiently. If left alone, your car could fail to start and leave you stranded.

If you see any of these lights come on or want to get your vehicle checked out because a different one lit up, then stop by Superior Service Center for auto service you can trust. We have locations in both Eagan, MN and Apple Valley, MN.