Pot Hole season is upon us! Yes it is a season; well in our industry it is. And this can cause┬áhavoc on our cars. First we will see how pot holes are formed, then I’ll go over what can happen to your vehicle because of pot holes, and last your Pot Hole Specials!

What can be damaged

Many components make up the suspension of a vehicle and when hitting a pot hole these can become more worn or broken. When this happens it can also cause an issue with the alignment of your vehicle. Continuing to drive with the alignment off can cause more issues down the road. Literally. So if you feel a major jolt and you’ve hit a pot hole don’t hesitate to call and have us check it out for you. Some things you may feel if damage has been done; shaking or vibration, feeling as if the car is bottoming out, swaying especially on turns, or pulling more one way or another; any of this indicates damage done to the suspension and can negatively affect tires, shocks, struts, steering rack, seals, tie rods, ball joints, and/or bearings if not already affected.

Things you should NOT do

If you see a pothole; DO NOT slam on your brakes, doing so will force the weight of the car forward and into the pothole potentially causing more damage.
Don’t ride too close to the the car in front of you, this enables you to see what’s ahead on the roads.
Don’t swerve to miss a pothole; UNLESS you’re positive there’s no possibility of broadsiding another car.
DO NOT wait to check for damage. Look at your tires and rims; if there is a dent in the rim or a bulge in the tire have it looked at right away.