Today the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched The TireWise Consumer Education Campaign. This campaign is to inform consumers and retailers about tires in numerous different aspects such as tire buying, tire pressure, treadwear, tire aging, and replacing tires. NHTSA stated on their website that there are nearly 11,000 tire related crashes each year and almost 200 deaths. Tire pressure, treadwear, and the age of tires can all be factors into why these accidents happen. Over time and in different weather conditions the rubber and other tire components break down. You may have heard the term “dry cracked” or “dry rot” as pictured below.

The second picture displays what could happen to a tire if it is driven on while in poor condition. I wouldn’t want this to happen cruising down the highway. Dry rotting or cracking happens during harsh conditions (heat or cold), the tires being stretched with numerous miles of driving, acid rain, harsh chemicals on the roads, or just sitting with the sun beating down on them- to name a few factors.

You can’t stop tires from wearing down when you drive on them but you can do a few things to take care of them and possibly save you from a flat tire, blow out, or an accident; ensuring that they are properly inflated, rotate them every other oil change or every 6-8,000 miles, balance the tires when needed, and make sure the vehicle’s alignment is correct. Properly inflating tires can save on gas mileage as well.

Every time your vehicle comes in for an oil change our mechanics inspect the tires and advise you of any concerns. As always feel free to ask questions, we’re here to help.

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